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Screw You, DRM!

Ok so I finally gave up waiting for The Neutronium Alchemist to arrive on the Kindle store. After reading this blog post by the Mighty Flub, which linked to this simple guide on stripping DRM, I went for it. Yeah it’s a breach of T&Cs, illegal, but certainly not immoral. I’ve legally purchased two copies of this book. I won’t distribute the digital version and the paper copy will go to a charity shop.

Picked the book up for just under £7 on the Waterstones website, downloaded Calibre and following the above mentioned instructions, I now have it on my Kindle with little to no fuss. Wish I’d tried this before buying the paperback but hey ho!

I think I will make a habit of converting my collections to DRM free versions, and not just books but music and movies as well. I don’t know what devices will become the most widely used in the future. In the past a new format arriving meant ditching the old. How many of us still play VHS movies? Why bother when you can pick up a lot of old films for a few quid on DVD. Well with digital stuff you can in a sense format-proof it by converting them to a DRM free, widely used format that isn’t tied to a specific device.

Anyway, I’m now off to cram as much reading in as possible before falling asleep, and today I won’t tire my wrist out holding open the little obese book that is the second part in the Night’s Dawn Trilogy.